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I hate this blog.  

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I am a sucker for greys. They are just SO pretty 😍😍

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This weekend I had to say goodbye to my first pet and very dear friend. I’ll miss my cuddles and your constant purr. Your sandpaper kisses that always made me smile when I was sad. I’ll miss the mischievous twinkle in your eyes and your lack of “cat-like” skills. But I know you’re in kitty heaven and forever you’ll be in my heart. I love you Huey and I miss you dearly ❤️

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My poor old kitty is not feeling well :(

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Decided to make a GIF for the second half of the quote | Equestrian-Endeavors

Still one of my favs

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This is going to be a long night…

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Where and what are you studying? Sad to hear that it's not going so well but chin up :)

Lynchburg College and I’m studying Nursing. It’s a great school don’t get me wrong. It’s just I’m not certain if it’s the path I want.

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Silvia Rizzo’s Secchiari boots 

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Siiiiiiiiiigh. I can’t 😒

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Siiiiiiiiiigh. I can’t 😒

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